CMS written in Python

CMS written in Python
CMS written in Python
CMS written in Python

Вебинар конференции GeekWeek2015

Plone is a major CMS written in Python and used by large organisations such as FBI, CIA, Brazilian gov, many non profits and so on.
It's just had a major release of 5.0 and its international conference in Bucharest. It's a very designer friendly CMS that let's your transform the CMS to make any kind of site and I will also talk about rapido which provides a online rapid app framework to create apps entirely in the browser.

The result is not only one of the most secure websites in the world but one of the fastest to build.


Dylan Jay
Chief Technology Officer at PretaGov

GeekBrains - это надёжный способ освоить профессию "Веб-разработчик" с возможностью гарантированной стажировки.

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